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Post 09 May 2022

Reason studios recently posted a blog post about a student’s internship that mentions a video series called boostcamp. Seems like it’s an intro series of tutorials for new users/employees. I’m guessing it might be an internal company series but thought I’d ask if it is something anyone has heard of outside of reason studios. Reason has some of the best tutorials around, would be cool if this was something they were looking to add to the tutorial pane in the program. ... n-studios/

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Post 10 May 2022

Nice read and interesting perspective from a younger guy, which never had made music in a DAW before or played with instruments and talking about audience of younger ppl.

That made me thought, that younger ppl that are more used to have an audience span of a Tiktok video, never used a 56kb modem nor watched analog TV and are focused on easy quick results by talking to Siri, maybe do not want all the hassle of a complicated over featured DAW to make some music. But for sure at some point they get used to it, got older and more serious about it, might want some more and better features. Difficult to address all that customer base...
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Post 10 May 2022

Cool to see they set the intern meaningful work bet they had a blast. We take work experience people on at our work and being of the older generation I learn loads about what younger people like and engage with in our sector. Be good if reason had a built in tutorial section as when people ask for best place to learn on Facebook I usually give them links to the tutorials page here on rt.

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Post 12 May 2022

A recent blog post on RS revealed an internal educational series that is used to bring staff up to speed with Reason - BoostCamp.

Does anyone know what the content is and why it's not incorporate it into Reason standalone help / tutorial window rather than the current content?
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Post 12 May 2022

That's so sweet 🤗
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