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How about inserting a search bar or maybe even a drop-down menu in the sequencer of all of the available devices in your song and when those selections are made only the devices you selected are displayed? (see attached screenshot)

In other words, imagine a song with 50 devices and you only want to see the four NN-XTs and one Kong in your project listed in the sequencer. You would click on the drop-down menu and place a check mark next to NN-XT and Kong. The sequencer would then only show you the NN-XTs and the Kong in your project.

I feel like implementing a search/filter feature like this would help even the most organized engineer.

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Post 03 May 2022

A parallel request would be the option to hide tracks, one of the many basic functions absent in Reason.
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Post 03 May 2022

This is an interesting idea.

Although I don't see myself searching for a specific device. Rather a particular device patch name, or even something like "Drums" to see any track that is being routed through my Drums Bus.
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Post 03 May 2022

I would like to have this in the rack. Sometimes i am looking for all occurrence of a specific device, but they are hard to find, especially when hidden in a Combinator or channel.
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