@ RS: automatically create & record instrument / effect / mixer lane in sequencer

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Post 08 Apr 2022

Totally agree. So annoying, that i need to create tracks and arm them. When i hit record and move knobs, i want them to be recorded.

I know, there might be cases, where i want to twist something, which should not be recorded, but this was never the case on my side. If RS still thinks this is the case by a lot of users, make it switchable.
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Post 09 Apr 2022

Good idea!

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Post 09 Apr 2022

Just add an option in prefs for auto generated tracks and performance lanes then for users who don't use or want this feature, no problem!
I previously requested new sequencer tracks be generated for every new device as it is added to enable a smoother remote experience. Currently only instruments get sequencer tracks added automatically if the RE dev specifies so. However, all devices require a sequencer track for midi remote to function.
Therefore, it is not currently possible to have a mouse free session, as you need to manually create sequencer tracks for effect, utility & player devices before any midi remote will function.
I believe older versions of Reason did create sequencer tracks for all devices but this was removed in favour of a less busy sequencer view.

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Post 09 Apr 2022

Eddi-16 wrote:
09 Apr 2022
I hope the new CEO will now finally bring some UX (mouse free) workflow improvements to reason, because he is comíng from app creation and maybe better understand our problms.

Please new CEO & product officer, take those little improvement requests serious!
I think, this familiarity towards the RS management is somewhat rude and not a proper way to suggest features. It's not the kind of openness that RS announced.

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