DJ software and controllers

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 03 Apr 2022

If someone is up to date on this stuff it would be great to get some ideas.

We have a new DJ challenge in the Competitions and Challenges sub-forum and others might be interested in a cheap entry level controller and / or software options...

Are there controllers that are just USB? Do many have audio outputs? I would prefer something with two audio outputs myself...

I used Traktor a little quite a while a go and never had an issues with it, any software recommendations?

Cheers! :puf_bigsmile:
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Post 03 Apr 2022

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Post 03 Apr 2022

I haven't played a live set for a good few years but it's good to stay in practice and on occasion I find Traktor DJ on my iPad perfectly capable. I did consider getting a Z1 mixer interface for the iPad but haven't purchased one yet
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Post 03 Apr 2022

Free and cross platform software:

did not check the latest versions, but it was easy to control with midi, timecode vinyl and an audio interface.

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Post 04 Apr 2022

I use a Roalnd DJ-202.

What's nice about this deck is it's fairly inexpensive, has a built in drum machine with Roland's famous sounding 707/808/909's whch you can switch between.

16 step sequencer built in as well as audio outputs, mic input, 4 decks, came with Searto DJ Pro and I can map it to the Executioner software rack extension which is really cool.
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Post 04 Apr 2022

Technically free though supposed to need a license if you use a controller

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Post 06 Apr 2022

I stopped DJ'ing 5-6 years ago but I've used Traktor, VirtualDJ, Mixvibes Cross DJ, Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ. Rekordbox and a Pioneer DJ controller was what I liked bests. Pioneer have some cheep controllers that have audio interface built in

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Post 07 Apr 2022

Pioneer Stuff and Rekordbox are really good, i used a numark mixtrack first, cheap and good and now i‘m using a Reloop Terminal Mix 8 ( with16bit interface much better for bad youtube mp3 stuff, of it‘s compression!!!) for 4Track setups in Traktor pro 3.

But i got this controller software combo as present and paid only 25€ for a really needed traktor update, cause T2 was totaly unstable.
But for casual DJ needs also the free mixxx software (also linux) together with a 60-120€ hercules or other used cheap semipro controller unit is total enough to have big fun, native hardware stuff are cheap quality. Other people are swear on serato, of it‘s scratch and timeshift algorythms but at all mixxx 2.X are far better than traktor 2 or other older software competitors and at the end i think, the only benefit how could interesting are things like video functions if someone needs this for performances or exbitions etc.

But after my first club visit last saturday i noticed hard the difference between high quality audio files and tracks downloaded from youtube, in the past people used famous sounding analog rodek mixers and LP‘s with expensive needels and now,
digital mixers, overtransparent DA converters and worse Trackquality on better club PA are horrible and stress for musicians ears. So decide yourself what‘s important i think the software is less important at the end main thing the shit runs stable!
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Post 12 Apr 2022

Still love my Novation Twitch (with audio outs) and Serato Itch. I got a dedicated laptop for it running Windows 7 that is never connected to the internet.
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Post 01 May 2022

Thanks for the great input everyone!

The Pioneer CDJ-400 is a good entry level deck, worthwhile learning on as Pioneer is arguably the club standard deck. Also has MP3 flashdrive support.
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Post 17 May 2022

I got a pair of CDJ 800 MK2s for just under $200 which is a pretty standard price. These guys are built to last a few life times, solid as can be, and I love the way they mimic vinyl, I was able to mix immediately. Wish I had of bought these years ago. No flash drive support but for a cheap entry level deck these are fantastic.
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Post 18 May 2022

I have the traktor kontrol s2 but had a few issues with it due to dust in the faders(reminds me I must get some more compressed air to fix it -again). It's a good controller but not sure I would recommend it due to its sensitivity to dust.

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Post 18 May 2022

moalla wrote:
07 Apr 2022
Pioneer Stuff and Rekordbox are really good,
Another vote for Rekordbox. Still running CDJ-900s.. Still Solid.
(non sync models)
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Post 18 May 2022

My partner started out on DDJ-200s and honestly, they're SUPER cool and really fun to use with Rekordbox. Obviously missing more advanced features but you can do all the important stuff on them. She's on DDJ-400s now, but typically uses Nexus 2s when playing out (she'd like a setup like that So yeah, big +1 for Rekordbox and either 200 if you just want something casual/fun or 400 if you'd like a few more features without breaking the bank. I think there's an 800 too but it's more serious money.

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