Is there a way to disable auto-quantize in the players?

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Post 11 Jan 2022

Is there a way to record into PM and PSS without having every not quantized? When I record into it everything gets quantized. I would love to have it just record what I play into it.

Oh, I RTFM and it's not mentioned unless I missed it.

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Post 12 Jan 2022

I'm guessing PM is Pattern Mutator. And PSS is PolyStep?
No way to remove their quantization, as far as I know. Something you can do with PatMut is set it to a really high number of steps and turn the resolution up (that will still be quantized, but it opens up more slots for the notes to fall in to).

This might be able to help a bit. Place it after the player and it can humanize the notes. ... humanizer/
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Post 12 Jan 2022

The half work around would be to use Note Echo after the pattern mutator.

It will only be able to delay the note forward, not slide it backward.

Set the NoteEcho to play the first delayed step (not original one), set the time to very small. Use a combinator knob locked to the time. Send a gentle random lfo CV or random CV to this parameter.
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Post 12 Jan 2022

Soooo, No.

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