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Hi all!
Trying to bounce stems from Reason 11 and hitting a snag.
Watched a couple of tutorial vids on this and it seemed pretty straightforward via File/Bounce Mixer Channels.
However, I'm not seeing my channels as selection, only greyed out (unelectable) FX tracks (??).
Pic attached. Any other tips welcome as I need to do this on several hundred files.
Fun, potentially relevant, fact: These files were composed on Reason 2 and Reason 3, and I'm opening them in Reason 11.

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Post 06 Jan 2022

Could it be they instruments are not connected to SSL Mixer channels, but instead to the original 14:2 mixer from your version 2/3 files?
The bounce mixer channels option only works on mixer channels for the SSL (Big) Mixer. There are a few videos out showing the long/slow way to do this, creating new mix channels for the SSL and manually connecting them one by one. But there's a quicker way for the basic routing, which I'm guessing is all you'll need since you're not wanting to recreate the exact mix but rather quickly get the tracks ready for export.
First, select the 14:2 mixer, and select "Disconnect Device" from the Edit menu. Then select each device itself and select "Auto-Route Device" from the Edit menu. That's it, each device will now have it's own SSL Mix Channel, which will show up in the Bounce Mixer Channels dialog/window. Make sense?

This is for bouncing tracks - for stems you would need to first create the stems from the tracks by routing all tracks for each stem to a Bus Channel (select tracks, then choose "Route to: New Output Bus" in the Edit menu. Then select these channels for export.
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