What are your top five devices at the moment?

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Post 23 Nov 2021

As far as Reason stuff goes:

Synapse Audio - The Legend (all my bass sounds come from here)
Tonicmint - ChordLine (I always have fun just manually punching in notes and building custom progressions with this thing)
Tonicmint - AB Transpose (Always on all my MIDI tracks. I like shifting stuff around and experimenting in different keys when writing)
Reason Studios - Drum Sequencer (of course)
Robotic Bean - Sequences (surprised by how much I ended up liking this, after putting off buying it for so long. Mainly use it for the step sequencer)

As for VSTs

Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2 (for pads and atmospheric stuff. Rarely use any of the factory sounds. I mostly use third party stuff or build patches from scratch)
Audio Damage - Quanta (my favorite granular synth)
Native Instruments - Kontakt (for my piano and string/orchestral libraries)
Korg - Mono/Poly (there's just something about how this thing sounds)
ValhallaDSP - Supermassive (favorite reverb for ambient stuff. And its free. Can't beat that)

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Post 24 Nov 2021


Arturia - Pigments V3 (powerful and inspiring synth)
Arturia - V Collection 8 (I love to use the Emulator II among others, amazing bundle)
Waldorf - PPG Wave 3.V (these metallic sounds, slurp)
Vital Audio - Vital (for me, the best free synth)
Reason Studios - Kong (great device, very versatile, match perfectly with my AKAI MPD32)
:reason: My path that led me here : Reason 2.5, Reason 5, Reason 11 Suite, :refill: Too huge to list here

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Post 24 Nov 2021

ID8 piano
VST 2.4 MIDI It's definitely on the list of todos
Using Reason since version 1 is R11 going to be my final version :shock:

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Post 24 Nov 2021

Umpf Club Drums
The echo
Beat map

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Post 24 Nov 2021

MIDI CV Converter
MIDI Compressor
Tokyo Dawn- Nova EQ
Sonible/Focusrite- Balancer

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While it certainly is doing its job to some extend, I at least recommend checking on varying flavors, like for example AUTO X Compressor or Lotus Compressor.

You could aswell check on SADIST inhabiting amongst its additional 16 modules 5 excellent compressors, 3 classic and 2 specialised. One specialised is TE200 Tape Machine, basically out of this world :-D The second is TD750 Transistor Ducker, quite funky aswell. Then my two favourites out of the classic ones are TC 1030 Transistor Compressor + VCA745 Compressor. Very well working, round attack, smooth colouring. OpticAuto Compressor is more like a bus or mastering comp sounding good aswell.

After all I not only find all of the above adding colour but a new quality level in comparison.
moggadeet wrote:
05 Apr 2021
- MClass compressor: I do not need more than that mostly


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This is more like what I currently experiment with a lot and also like very much. Hence I left out devices I like very much aswell yet haven´t come to really work with like Europa.

Dub Preamp
Filterchain X8187
American EQ A - C / British EQ A / rEQP-1A / reMEQ-5 / RE3Q (basically one developer, one style, one genre)

Joker: AUTO X Compressor

Lot´s of Ekssperimental Sounds stuff here, simply easy to apply quality I find :-)

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