Lectric Panda generates 7 more refills for new Noise Engineering (+Beatmap)REs

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Post 18 Nov 2021

Looks like Panda has done it again! Another gifted set of refills from the "Lectric Panda Generates" series.
Three of these Noise Engineering REs are free!
Notice the Basimilus v Beatmap refill includes a huge folder of 1000 Beatmap patches (so basically, LP Generates Beatmap).

Lectric Panda Generates Basimilus.rfl (2M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Basimilus v Beatmap.rfl (23M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Cursus Vereor.rfl (4M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Desmodus.rfl (2M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Ruina.rfl (2M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Sinc Vereor.rfl (3M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Virt Vereor.rfl (4M) [NEW]


Thank you Rob!
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Post 18 Nov 2021

I've got my fingers crossed for an Generates Algoritm refill. I know it's probably a hard one to program though. That reminds me, I need to get more proficient with the on board randomizer.

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Post 18 Nov 2021

Thank you very much, Panda! Much appreciated.
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