Loading combinator patches into other devices

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Post 14 Oct 2021

I can't find anything relating to this issue in the forum hence this new post.
The easiest way to describe this issue is with an example...
I create a Europa synth then select Combine from the menu. I then browse for a new patch for the Europa. Everything is fine until I select a combinator patch and suddenly the device is broken.
This simple example would probably never happen, but if I had a combinator consisting of a number of devices and I wanted to create a number of variations by selecting different patches for the different devices in the combinator, Reason will allow me to select Combinator patches thereby putting me in the same position.
Is this an oversight on Reason's part or is there a solution. Should you be prevented from doing this or at least warned? I generally don't look too closely at the patch icons when loading. In actual fact I'm not a big fan of being able to replace a device type by loading a patch for a different device.
Any comments most welcome. 🤔

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Post 14 Oct 2021

This behavior exist since quite a while. I never was a fan either, but i can understand why Reason does this.

Just imagine you have a Reverb FX in the Combinaotr and you browse it's patches, than you select a Combinator Reverb FX patch. What to do with it? Currently Reason moves it outside of the existing Combinator and connects it between. Makes sense, but is also a PITA if you open the next simple Reverb FX.

Guess this is something like a limitation and a workaround.

If you have any better idea, let us know it :-)
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Post 14 Oct 2021

Thanks for the (very prompt) response.
As you say, there is some sense in allowing the freedom to mix and match. Maybe the answer is to simply be more aware of what you are doing and stick to patches of the 'same type' in this scenario.

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