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I almost exclusively click-program in Reason (I am usually on my laptop in random places) and use the generic ASIO driver. As my projects are growing but still not too large (always less than 15 tracks, usually less than 10--both synth and sample-based, usually one or two RE/VST per track) I have noticed that the DSP bar maxes out and almost always goes red and starts glitching

I have an i7 with 16gb RAM and an SSD, Win 10 Professional. I have turned off a bunch of background windows stuff and tried to optimize everything for using Reason (ie: turning off battery optimization, etc.).

My question is there a small portable audio interface to use with my laptop (I don't even need to use the inputs) that will help with the DSP issues? Or maybe it is something else?

Anyway, I'm in the market for a small portable interface as the last one I bought was a Line 6 UX-2 for guitar.

Thanks for any help.

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