Behavior of browser when device is loaded.

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Post 04 Oct 2021

I would love for the browser to stay on devices when I am loading them. I do not need it to navigate to a patch list. When I am building a rack I would like to add what I want then either select presets or set them how I want. It would also be nice if the browser opened collapsed. Then I could choose what developer I want to use without having to scroll or type. If I want a 303 from the Roland cloud I don't want to scroll past all my reason and Arturia stuff to get there. But mostly I don't want the browser to jump to patches when I load a device. I want to build out the rack first. I know where the patches are.

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Post 04 Oct 2021

Preferences > Deselect new devices get browser focus

The sections that do not stay collapsed is known bug, hopefully it will be addressed soon.
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