Hardware VS Software.. // Why Go Dawless?

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Post 16 Mar 2021

Plugs and audio cables, Jack... I got only a few pieces and I'm drowning in a sea of cables.

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Post 25 Mar 2021

Of course if your thinking about hardware getting on with software your going to be talking about controllers of sum kind .Most important!
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Post 25 Mar 2021

Not limited to, but including:

to get a broader experience that can be adapted, if not sublimated into any other craft. Like Lomachenko taking dancing lessons, Bruce Lee learning tactics and positioning through fencing or Morihei Ueshiba training in both karate and jujutsu to refine aikido. You can simulate hardware production techniques in a DAW much better after you got some experience with the actual hardware, like a lot of Luke Vibert's or Squarepusher stuff.

Here's pre-programmed physical robots playing instruments. They sync at around 2:00+. You can't produce this in a DAW and no human musician can play this.

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Post 26 Mar 2021

I used to be DAWless back when I first started tinkering with music making - that's when I created entire tracks on an XP-80 with its onboard sequencer. I was just telling someone how I missed those days. I still have that XP-80. Hmmmmm....
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Post 26 Mar 2021

My laptop needs medical attention each time I mention Viking-2...
I still got my Nord Lead 2, I'll never sell it, but It's sitting still from some good time, just too good to be ever replaced.

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Post 26 Mar 2021

Hardware (depending what genre you're doing) sounds better. I watched a lot of comparison video's a while back and vst's just don't sound as nice. They can sound amazingly close don't get me wrong but not quite there yet. Some of the sounds sound dead in comparison, I suppose that's where the "hardware sounds warmer" thing comes in.

The best I've heard though that are close are Diva and Sylenth.

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Post 31 Mar 2021

Jackjackdaw wrote:
16 Mar 2021
The thing that drives me crazy about hardware is the power supply logistics. Every extra thing wants its own plug until there are tons of plugs and a million wires hooking everything up. I do like tactile knobs though. My current hybrid setup is great : Laptop, Beatstep Pro, Korg Nano mixer, Boss GT-1, Guitar. Soon to be complimented with Arduino powered midi foot switches.

One plug for the Laptop , One for the Boss.
I just did an impulse buy of an iConnectivity mioXL, which is a SUPER dope MIDI interface, but it got me thinking about how much of a damn PITA it is to connect all this crap up. MIDI cables everywhere, power cords all over the place, having to buy lots of rack mount power boxes, audio cables EVERYWHERE... the amount of "other stuff" that's involved with a large scale hardware setup... is it really worth it? I guess that's why Tinez asks himself "why" every day. There's a simplicity to just banging away at a laptop with a mouse at times, but there's also a great deal of frustration with having better tactile interfaces with said laptop (ie MIDI controller).

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Post 31 Mar 2021

I have done a lot of experimenting with controllers to get good tactile experience playing soft synths. I find mapping controllers to all the different knobs a bit shit. Most synth knobs are not really performance parameters anyway. Also as a musician I find the most expressive point of contact with an instrument to be the bits that make notes come out, the keys , pads or strings. So I often try to design patches that have a lot of movement baked in and a certain amount of unpredictability that I can respond to in my playing. I find it more musical than letting a sequence play and cranking the filter knob. And it seperates my sound design mouse time from my jamming out music time.

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Post 31 Mar 2021

selig wrote:
04 Mar 2021
BRIGGS wrote:
27 Feb 2021
:lol: I haz some rocks and some sticks.
Oh man, I was going to say that and you beat me to it. So I guess all I have left is some random whistling…
I have you all beat.

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Post 25 Sep 2021


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Post 25 Sep 2021

It requires quite a bit of skill to go DAWless. This hardware has a good music guide.

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Post 25 Sep 2021

since i got an octatrack my daw and all my other hardware takes a back seat. I think i could just have the octatrack and use reason to master now. I have maybe had the Octa for 8months?
i own:
octa (main device)
digitone (overbridge mostly into reason)
opz (not used for ages )
pocket operator - tonic (this thing bangs and i have the vst app to pair with it which is fantastic)
pocket operator - ko! the sampler one good but used rarely now
bheringer td-3 - fun
novation xio synth

but like i say ive gone from fully laptop reason to essentially hardware only using reason to master stuff.
im pretty happy with my set up and not one new reason feature or virtual device as interested me in last year. I did upgrade to 11 to get the free upgrade to 12, but haven't even opened mimic or the new combinator yet :oops:

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