Refreshed DSP for Subtractor and other classics

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Post 07 Sep 2021

This is not a new suggestion, but with Subtractor and the other long-time Reason devices looking so dazzling with their new graphics in Reason 12, I thought now would be a good time to revisit this idea.

Just like how Subtractor had a "high bandwidth" switch years ago, Reason could bring back the switch to toggle between the classic DSP and a new "modern analog" version with oversampling, more sophisticated filter modeling, and just a little bit of imperfection in the oscillators. I think it's even ok if the new sound takes on a noticeably different character, especially if the original patches are kept separate from new presets based on the new DSP.

The same could be done for Thor (especially the multi-oscillators), and maybe even for Malstrom. It would be a great way to breathe new life into Reason's oldest synths, and it would finish what was started with the high-res graphics.
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Post 09 Sep 2021

Technically, there's nothing stopping you from designing your own Subtractor 2 with the new combinator now. You could use all kinds of REs and VSTs to create anything from oscillators, envelopes, filters and modulations.

What say ye?

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Post 09 Sep 2021

Subtractor already has imperfections, because some controls are not accurate.

It still sounds very good for bass.

For pads its not the best thing. Even with oversampling you need several Subtractor and modulation to make them sound good and it would still not be fully polyphonic.

Subtractors controls could be finer. You can hear the clicks when turning knobs.

For Thor on the other hand it would be great. The FM, AM and other audio rate modulation really lack quality.
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