[dark jazz electro] Rising Night Wave - ... El Naturalle Brutalle

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Rising Night Wave
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Post 22 Jul 2021

ok. i think i made a personal record. 2 hours for a song.
i think song is finished. meaning i do not know if anything else would fit into it.
i think song is full enough. eloquent enough.

song is only mastered: compression and limiter. everything else is el naturalle. no EQing, panning, fading and so. no FXes and so. only natural juice.

this song is my first of a king of that approach: everything as is - no tweaking.

here it is, my little baby:

all comments are more than welcome.
Rising Night Wave & Extus at SoundCloud
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Post 26 Jul 2021

Very interesting track and you must have gone some to create this in 2 hours. Different to what I normally listen too but enjoyed it. Gave it a like on soundcloud

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