Remote codecs and map for Novation SL Mark 3

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Post 14 Jul 2021

I'm trying to find out a fully mapped regular codec and remotemap for reason 11 which I can use with SL Mark3 , but I can't find a fully mapped one with Rack Instruments. Moreover , for the built in map, I can't find a certain key mapped as "Cliplaunch 1" and "Cliplaunch 2", altough I dig deep in reason and novation documentations.

For the default codec and mapping :
Most of the instruments are not mapped at all, or the ones mapped has missing some essentials controls like master volume.
Some of the keys on mk3 has not been mapped at all for any instrument params.

I'm curious about am I the only one trying to use reason with SL MK3 ? I'm really surprised that I can't find a proper mapping for most of these devices.

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Post 16 Jul 2021

The state of Remote Maps in general is pretty sad. If you're lucky and the manufacturer actually did a map (or if it is included in Reason), then at most all the built in Instruments/FX/Players are mapped. If I remember correctly there's only one Manufacturer that actually has mappings of some REs included but those also lag behind new releases quite a lot. so as bad as it is, there is quite a lot of manual work involved manually editing the RemoteCodecs and RemoteMaps for any controller if you want to have full RE support.
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Post 16 Jul 2021

thanks for your response @jam-s.

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Post 16 Jul 2021

Hello princeactiontr!

The SL MkIII is a great keyboard, but again, the lack of integration with the current rack extensions is nowhere to be found. Luckily, I went ahead, and made a custom tool for mapping the MKIII.

Here is the preview of my development:
Captura de ecrã 2021-07-16 175347.jpg

It's based on my current tool for the P1 Panorama, and I have this newer version to upload, which includes now some other Manufacturers, including this same Keyboard MKIII.
Basically you can write your own mappings using drag and drop, after you upload your target remote file.
This version is not yet live, but it will be soon, maybe this can give you some hope about creating your mappings.

- Drag and drop to the available keys / faders / knobs
- Page Creation and jump between them.

Hope this helps!
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Post 20 Jul 2021

this is so cool @noise . can't wait to try, because it really feels bad this way. I feel like I can't use my mark 3 with reason fully.

I've actuallly tried a lot of things, and the main thing is default codec for SL Mark 3 has a lot of bugs. There are some unmapped keys, and its throwing exceptions with knob controls. So after a while I've gave up. It really needs much time, and this time should be spent by Novation , not me =)


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