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Hi all!
After many years with Reason I have finally encountered an issue that I cant work around. My PC is maxed out because of all the plugins I have stacked on every track. I'm overloading my pc with every project. I use bus channels to group things together, like guitars for example or drums. Once I have adjusted the compression on the bus channel, tweaked each individual track in the bus group, I'm ready to bounce out the bus track so I can delete a ton of plugins and effects and get rid of several tracks...but the bounced bus track sounds nothing like the original bus channel. Its dry and lifeless.. Its lost all that energy I had dialed in perfectly. Side by side, the bounced and the original are completely different. Something isn't right. Changing settings in the "Bounce Mixer Channels" window doesn't make any difference. What am I missing?

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Do you mean dry as in no fx are bounced or that the audible quality of the sound is different?

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We’re you using send effects on anything?

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client6 wrote:
11 Mar 2021
We’re you using send effects on anything?
That's what I was going to ask, sends would not be included in the bus channel bounce - if you solo the bus channel and bounce the master (or just export song) does it sound right?
What exact settings are you using to bounce?
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Are the bounced channels being routed to the same destination channel(s) as before they were bounced to audio?
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