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Since many of the items below have come up in conversation, we thought it would be helpful to post a curated FAQ of info. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this thread, but we request that all conversations remain on-topic, respectful, and constructive.


What is Reason+?
  • Reason+ is a new optional subscription service from Reason Studios
  • While your subscription is active, you can use all Rack Extension from Reason Studios ever created, including new ones
  • You get the Companien app for Reason+ to manage your RE and download additional content like Sound Packs
  • You automatically get any updates to Reason (all periodic maintenance as well as major version upgrades), as well as Reason Rack Plugin
But what if I don't want to subscribe but still want to use Reason?
  • Reason+ is completely optional
  • You still can use and buy the Reason DAW including the Reason Rack Plugin as a perpetual license (meaning: no subscription needed)
  • You still can use and buy any Rack Extension and Refills
  • Reason still can be updated by buying a upgrade license
  • Any Rack Extension can be updated and if there is a payed upgrade offer it can be bought
I already own a previous version of Reason and have several Rack Extensions. What happens to them?
  • Nothing happens, you can continue to use them just as you have under your current license
I have a USB Ignition Key. Can I authorize standard Reason and my Rack Extensions to this?
  • The USB Ignition Key has been discontinued. Reason has not shipped with a physical USB key in many years, and Reason Studios is now discontinuing support for physical USB keys. You can, however, authorize your computer (using a "virtual dongle") so you can use standard Reason as well as your RE's offline.
  • Some users are reporting that if you already have a USB Ignition Key with Reason and any RE's licensed to it, it is continuing to work on some computers. YMMV.
Can I authorize Reason+ for offline use?
  • Currently you cannot, however; Reason Studios are aware that this is an issue and they are working on a solution. To be clear, for now in order to use Reason+, you MUST have access to an Internet connection.
What is Companion?
  • Companion is a "companion" app to Reason+, which serves several functions:
  • You will use this in place of Authorizer to sync and manage your Rack Extensions
  • You will use this to download and install optional Sound Packs that are released weekly
  • Sound Packs are forever - if you cancel your Reason+ sub, you'll still have all of your Sound Packs that you downloaded and installed. You can use these in a perpetual licensed version of Reason, however; if you do not own the Rack Extensions used in the Sound Pack, they will appear as cardboard cutouts in a non-subscription version of Reason.

As a Reason+ subscriber, can I still buy RE's and ReFills from the Shop?
  • YES! Purchased RE's and ReFills are also perpetual, meaning if you cancel your Reason+ subscription and buy a perpetual license, you will have access to any purchased RE's or ReFills.
I currently own Reason 11 Suite. What happens?
  • Nothing. You will always own the additional Rack Extensions that were bundled with Reason 11 Suite, meaning you can use them in any future version of Reason, as well as Reason+ if you choose to subscribe. Your current version of Reason 11 Suite will continue to work just like it always has. That said, Reason Studios has discontinued new sales of Reason 11 Suite and it will no longer be sold in the Reason Studios shop. You may still be able to find Suite available through other retailers while they still have the stock. The only products Reason Studios are currently selling is Reason 11 (perpetual license), and Reason+ (optional subscription license), and Reason 11 upgrade (from any previous version of Reason). Once a future upgrade is released (say Reason 12, 13, etc) you will have the option of upgrading to that version - and of course take all RE's that came with Suite to that version.
Note: if you are already a current Reason user and plan to trial Reason+ or subscribe to Reason+, please follow the instructions at this link: ... his-first-

Disclaimer: this information was collected through the Reason Studios product pages and various public sources. This information is subject to change. Please contact Reason Studios prior to purchasing to verify any information provided in this post. Reasontalk, nor its owners, moderators, or administrators cannot be held liable for any information in this sticky. This FAQ will be updated as more information becomes available or changes.
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