Which RE would you like to punch?

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Post 26 Nov 2020

mcatalao wrote:
26 Nov 2020
Billy wrote:
26 Nov 2020

$90 off vst at the moment, I got it a few years back as I was fed up with the performance of the re.

I have a few patches that kill my machine when used in the re format but work fine in the vst, and the latest update in vst are sweet
I have to send them an email to see if they have a good value for a crossgrade. I like the sound of the synth but rarely use it because some patches just kill my pc too! :/
I believe that you could at one point get $60 off to crossgrade but I just bit the bullet and brought it as I'm to lazy to send emails. Not sure if you would get a double discount so now is as good a time as any with $90 off

But I got respire just before vst's where added to reason and it has made me weary since, if I can't get vst I generally do.
Freedom of expression does not exist in this dojo ;)

Reason V1 -- V11 suite, now I'm enjoying Live 11 suite and using Reason as a plugin RRPv11
R12 just still isn't worth it..... #justbuylive #sequencerfeatues #fixthebugs #aplanisnotapromis

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Post 27 Nov 2020

Can I punch the Reason store in the face? I think that’s the only thing that genuinely annoys me when using it sometimes. There’s a lot of RE’s that I simply just don’t use or care much for that I don’t have downloaded, everything else I can find some use for. Though I am one of those people who are really put off by certain GUI’s. I do shop almost exclusively for effects though so that’s probably helped me avoid a lot of disappointment. :lol:

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Post 27 Nov 2020

16161d wrote:
27 Nov 2020
Can I punch the Reason store in the face?
Yes. I don't like that it's generally slow or down for maintenance, generally hard too filter out looking at millions of refills that I have zero interest in, no option to filter out devices already owned, and it has a particularly clunky search function where it will auto complete what you are typing, you select the correct RE and then you still have to hit find.

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