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This forum is for anything not Reason related, if you just want to talk about other stuff. Please keep it friendly!
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Hi there...
My last Reason version was 3.0 and the great 11 deal brought me back.
Whoa, things have changed!
Still perusing the Props Shop, so many stuff...

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Hi Team,

Just finally bought reason 11 suite, I used to mess around back when reason 6 first came out, but it has been years. My goal is to take the Eastern European dancey folk music I grew up on as a kid, and make it into EDM, just to see if it works at all.

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Hi all, I'm Howard.
I'm from California.
I enjoy traveling and hiking.
I use Reason 11.

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Hey all, first post 🙂
Ashamed to admit that I got into reason as a tech savvy 15 year old from quite a poor family who got the virus riddled pirate versions.

As that teen I always said to myself, "if I make it, I promise to back pay propellerhead" haha

I actually did 'make it' quite far to be fair. Mainly in recognition rather than paid gigs.
I did a lot of support act work for chart pop stars and smaller festivals around the UK.

Stopped touring when I had kids.

11 years later, and thanks to coronavirus isolation kick starting my desire to produce, I'm extremely excited to finally be the proud owner of a legit Reason 11.

Good to finally be here, guilt free.


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Hey everybody,

This is my second post because I came here originally to get advice on choosing a controller for Reason (see hardware thread). Any old timey people might remember me from the old props forums.... I was one of the people who mobilised folk to buy a radio controlled airship for the propellerheads office as a thanks for a big free upgrade back in the early naughties.

Covid has brought me back to Reason as I'm starting producing again to distract me from all the monotony.


PS.... Is this community using slack? The link seems broken?

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Hey everyone!
It's my first post here, I hope I will find here lots of new interesting people and useful information.

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Congrats! to our 10,000th Member :puf_smile: .....! Fengshui@protonmail


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ahhh ok!! now i've understand! this is the place for presentation!!! :)

so Hi to all! 3Stain from Italy, just bought Reason 11 Intro!!! :essentials: and looking for first advise

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Hey Everyone, Jane here!
It's my first time posting here, but I enjoy this forum. I'm looking forward to finding here lots of new interesting people and useful information.

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