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Post 15 Oct 2020

So i bought today DCO 106 for 20,30€ at pluginboutique, i think that´s a good price, not to much. The sound of this Juno emulation iss amazing, and gives me now this 80ties feeling when i´m making music. So together with granular manouvers for Grain and BX Oberhausen this is a really terrific combination for ebm, disco and electro :D
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Post 20 Oct 2020

There's been an update, with a tweaking of the chorus to make it sound more like the Juno's:

1.0.18 changes:
Plug-in now remembers last-used scaling
Plug-in now remembers last-used MIDI mappings. This can be disabled in the preferences
Fixed Pro Tools & Logic crash with mono tracks
Reverb & delay are flushed when the plug-in is reset, and synced LFO & Arpeggiator are reset
Only auto-launching installer updates (if preference is set) if interface has been shown
Fixed preset code to better handle presets names with illegal file characters (such as /?*)
Fixed channel pressure MIDI mapping
Fixed bug that could show duplicate preset collections with same name
Fixed rare automation bug during mix down

Build 40 changes:

Improved chorus effect in multiple small ways to match the original Juno chorus, including not disrupting lower frequencies
Fixed manual entering of Arpeggiator rate slider value
Square wave LFO is now unipolar
LFO + Mod Wheel gain was too high
LFO Delay is now hooked up to the VCA LFO
LFO and Arpeggiator Rate Sliders now work in "reverse" order when Sync button is on in these sections, mirroring the slider behavior when Sync is off
"VCO" changed to "DCO" in the Bender section
Slider cap art improved to more accurately reflect original hardware |
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