EZdrummer 2 VSTi in Reason?

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Hello all.

I am still at 9.5, I use another program a lot more, may upgrade if this would work there. I have been successful with using Reason in completing full songs, but I got away from the program for awhile so please forgive my stupidity on the subject.

I read the FAQ first, saw that VSTi's are not supported..yet, however EZdrummer2 (EZD2) plays fine even in R9.5. Don't know how that discrepancy affects this.

I can get EZD2 to play as a VST, even though it is technically a VSTi. I get good audio. Can I capture that drum audio as a .wav? I want it on the timeline if possible, if not I would need to leave the VST instance open I guess, as it would play that file every time, taking resources. Can I create something to capture the actual audio? The midi functionality between the Host and the VSTi is great, so hoping to be able to do this.


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You can export the midi as a .wav (onto desktop or similar) then drag and drop the audio into Reason directly. Reason will create an audio track for you.

Or you can switch on REC SOURCE (small blue button at the bottom right of the MIX channel) then separately create an audio track and select stereo and Eazidrummer as the audio source from the drop down (labelled IN on the audio track and next to the tuning fork icon). Switch on Record Enable on the audio track and record thus recording the audio from the midi pattern via Eazidrummer into the audio track in Reason.

Using either method you can then delete Eazidrummer (including the midi track) if you are sure it will not change - not something I would be confident to do but I'm an amateur on this scale.

I don't know of a way to do it directly but I could be wrong.
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