Axiom 49 (2nd gen) - Pads as Redrum Triggers (MAC)

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Dear Forum

Can anyone tell me how to link up the pads on an M-AUDIO Axiom 49 (2nd Gen) to trigger the Redrum?
I cannot - for the life of me - figure this out.
All other functions work fine for what I use it.

I'm on an iMac - maxOS Sierra v10.12.6 running Reason 11.3d36 (build 11.134).


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Post 05 Oct 2020

I have a Mk I Axiom Pro. Are you using patch 17 Reason for Mac ? If you are, have you made and modifications to it? If yes, then the easiest way out is to factory reset: Extract from user manual-

“Axiom Pro 49/61 can be reset to its “factory” settings by holding down the “+” and “-” numerical keypad buttons as the unit is switched on
:exclamation: Note that all assignments and modified patches will be lost once you perform this action—use this function with caution! “

Even if you haven’t made any changes, sometimes there can be a corruption somewhere that can cause issues that the reset will solve: I had a problem with the pitch bend wheel that was sending out midi messages constantly, causing absolute mayhem, especially on piano sounds. Apparently this is a known fault with the Axioms that has been a problem for users for some years. I found a way to switch off this controller on the Axiom from the user manual. I carried on with this situation for years, making alternate solutions for the lack of a controller for real-time pitch bend. Then only recently I came across a problem with MIDI mapping that I couldn’t find a solution for. Having noted the changes I had made on the reason patch, I reset the Axiom. Not only did it solve this issue for me, but the pitch bend wheel was back to full working order!

Hope this helps!

:reason: 11.3.6 ,  iMac Intel Core i5 (late 2012) OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra

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