macOS Authorizer "File or directory locked"

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Post 29 Sep 2020

I just thought I'd add this here in case it comes up for anyone, as it has for me.

The problem is that the folder ~/Library/Application\ Support/Propellerhead\ Software has either the wrong ownership, the wrong permissions, or both. In my case it had become owned by root:wheel and the permissions prevented Authorizer from entering the folders beneath. I don't know what happened on my system as I certainly didn't knowingly change them.


Open Terminal and enter these commands substituting your actual username where you see your_username below.

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cd  ~/Library/Application\ Support
sudo chown -R your_username:staff Propellerhead\ Software
sudo find Propellerhead\ Software/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} +
sudo find Propellerhead\ Software/ -type f -exec chmod 640 {} +
This should fix the problem.

750 is read/write/execute for owner (your_username), read/execute for group (staff), and no access for everyone
640 is read/write/ for owner (your_username), read for group (staff), and no access for everyone


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