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“Should I Trust Amazon Reviews?” And Other Amazon Shopping FAQs, Home And Garden Edition [2020 Update]

Shopping online for your home and garden can be a fun experience if you know the drill, but also a daunting one if you haven’t got the hang of it. In this post, we’ll explore our reader’s most frequently asked questions about Amazon Home & Garden tab.

You’ll learn whether you should trust Amazon review, how to navigate the site’s tools, how to maximize your Amazon Prime membership and more!

Let’s get started!

1.Should I Trust Amazon Reviews?

The review section is what sets Amazon or online shopping experience apart from traditional shopping in home improvement chains like Lowe’s or at your local hardware stores.

The best product reviews tell you specifically, for example, how well a vacuum cleaner performs on low-pile carpet after 6 months of usage. Those are the ones you should trust. Long-form in-depth time-tested analysis, typically with photos or video to back up the claims.

You can filter with the Verified Purchase or Top Reviewer banner. If it's a big purchase, we suggest going through at least 100 top reviews of both low and high ratings to get a public opinion of the product.


2.How Can I Tell A Real From A Fake Review?

Real product reviews on The King Live Image sound more personal and with details on long-term performance, like how your aunt would recommend an auto soap dispenser that she’s used for 2 years.

Some of their qualities overlap with the best amazon product reviews: long, detailed and including updates, photos, and reviews. If it’s high on top, it’s less likely to be fraud. Still, we suggest taking reviews only as references and over-generalizing them for an average user experience.

3.Can Delivery Fee Be Waived?

Yes, if you sign up for Amazon Prime. A Prime membership will not only get you fast and FREE delivery, but also access to deals and discounts exclusively for Prime members.

These promo opportunities can be 30-minute early access to the Lightning Sales or during the annual Prime week.

If you’re a student, sign up for Amazon Prime’s special plan. With a valid student email, you can save tons of money on delivery fees that can go towards other expenses.

4.How Can I Contact Sellers?

If Amazon customer reviews can’t answer your question, look for a Q&A section right below product information to ask the seller directly. The questions can range from other unspecified specs to available customization options.

We’re not sure if you can contact for wholesale options or other business inquiries. If you’re returning a product, head to the returning portal instead.


5.Can I Get A Personalized List?

Yes! Amazon has a great suggesting system to help personalize your shopping experience. It’ll show you some top reviewed furniture and kitchen appliances of different styles and churn out results of similar taste after you finish the questions.

If you’re looking for a guide, check the Short List section. It includes the lists of items with great product reviews, curated by themes (Wedding and Back-to-school) or by holiday sale seasons (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Final Words

So, did we include your question in this FAQ post? And did you find the best products on Amazon with it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Can you give us a bit more information about your setup, maybe a screenshot of the file in the sequencer?

Does the playhead move when you press play? If so, if you turn on the click can you hear it?

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Be sure you return to zero.

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Perhaps also check if you have unclicked 'monitoring' for the specific audio track i.e the little green speaker button

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Make sure you selected a valid audio interface in the preferences.
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