[TECH HOUSE] ACID TRIP (Bmin - 124bpm)

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Post 01 Aug 2020



This all started when I was walking to the supermarket.. I had just been listening to Danny Howard's latest Nothing Else Matters radio show and there does seem to a resurgence of really groovy catchy very simple Housey / Tech-housey tracks around at the moment.... with super simple arrangements and overall structure. BUT they are really well produced tracks - so it's not that simple.

Anyway I was walking to the supermarket... and was thinking these super simple well-produced tracks often have a bloke giving a talkey vocal, with a bit of grit added (bit crushing/distortion or whatever) - the bloke is saying something simple that rhymes... so I thought... let me think of something for my next track... here I go... (it only took 2-seconds to think of - so hardly OSCAR winning moment)...


Yep - that's it. It rhymes and is easy to say and remember. Most importantly it's catchy and distinct. So I quickly got out my Marantz recording device... couldn't be bothered to hook up a good microphone and just used to built in one... all with background noise and no clean up. It only took one take.

And this is the backbone to this track ACID TRIP.

The ARP lead sounds have all been run through a Roland MPC60 (vintage sampler) and then back into NNXT then added more filtering etc... giving the sounds a really clean but edgy 12-bit/saturated/tape type sound.

A high proportion of the drum hits went the same way - through the MPC60, ending up in Studio One's equivalent of Reason's Kong... Impact XT. It's like an ugly, less inviting version of Kong. It's quicker to use, but less capable.

The kick was super beefed up using KSMHR Essentials Kick enhancer VST... go get it 's great and it's FREE - https://www.dharmaworldwide.com/kick

I made the bassline using Phaseplant and saturated it up using Softube Harmonics VST. And added another bassline on top using Rob Papen RAW.

Creating, producing and mastering music in Reason 11 and Studio One 5 (WIndows).

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Deep Schulzz
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Post 02 Aug 2020

Sounds really good.
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Deep Schulzz wrote:
02 Aug 2020
Sound really good.
BIG THANK YOU !! Appreciate your feedback.
Creating, producing and mastering music in Reason 11 and Studio One 5 (WIndows).

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