Announcing the Winners of the Maia Orange Edition Song Challenge!

Great fun, great prizes! Good luck!
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Post 25 Apr 2020

There were many great submissions for the PinkNoise Studio Maia Orange Edition Song Challenge. Congratulations to you all! It was a very tough decision for the judges. The final votes are in and here are the results! :)

1st Prize
Receiving Maia Orange Edition + Maia and Luna

turbopage - "breath in breath out"

2nd Prize
Receiving Maia Orange Edition + Maia or Luna

Venomizzle - "Maia Orange Challenge (Prod. By Venomous)"

3rd Prize (3 winners!)
Receiving Maia Orange Edition

Boombastix - "Wish There Was a Way"

praznovsky.m - "Worms have a party in rotten orange"

rare_shadow - "The Desert's Plan"

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Post 25 Apr 2020

congrats to the winners and thanks to pinknoise for the comp
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Post 25 Apr 2020

thanks to everyone, especially to PinkNoise Studio and ReasonTalk staff.

I would like to briefly tell you how the piece was born, without boring you and with my bad english ...
Covid19 has entered my life: I work in a large hospital in Italy, precisely in Milan, one of the cities that has suffered the most for this pandemic disease.
The song is a journey, in the middle of a breath, difficult, forced by a mask with the sound of a monitor in the background. But it's a journey with eyes closed, a journey that takes you far, high in the sky (as someone suggested me) or in a fantastic abyss (as my daughter imagined when she designed the artwork). We don't realize our breathing until it becomes a tiring, almost painful act.
I have used Maia everywhere (obviously) including drums and using Reason's players and native effects.

thank you!

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Post 25 Apr 2020

Happy winner here! Maia Orange is great, really like how the 18dB filter interacts with the waveforms and the filter drive. Great and CPU friendly stuff right there.

Congrats to winners and thanks for organizing.

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Post 25 Apr 2020

Congrats to the winners and all participants! :)


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Post 25 Apr 2020

I would like to thank all the participants for their great works and congratulate the winners!

A message to the winners: please drop me a line via pm and let me know your RS username to register the licenses in your account.

Thank you again, it was a really great pleasure to listen to your songs, and experience what you could bring out of my little creature :)
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Post 25 Apr 2020

Great songs everyone! Thanks to Pink Noise and Reasontalk to make this happen!
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Post 25 Apr 2020

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all who contributed. There were some really good entries and if you put them all together, it really says a lot about how truly versatile MAIA Orange is. I want to point out, just because you didn't win doesn't mean your songs weren't good. There were many great entries. This was a really difficult contest to judge and the judges' votes were spread out across the board, so this was by no means a landslide. It was a very close contest. You are all winners! Hope to see you in the next contest.
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Post 26 Apr 2020

This is a very pleasant surprise. I would like to thank PinkNoise Studios and ReasonTalk for this competition. At least I didn't have to think about the work problems associated with covid for a while.

Maia Orange is great synth, it's very CPU friendly, and easy to use. {there wasn't manual when this contest started, and I found a way to work in it :mrgreen: }

Thank you

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Congrats :) Great entries.

Love the micro tuning capabilities on this thing!

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Congratulations! Thank you for the competition.
I loved all the entries but I especially liked Turbopage's entry.
It made me think of tough times (including covid19) and how music helps us put things into different perspectives.

I hope all who are working right now putting their lives at risk are safe and that this virus is contained soon.

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Congratulations to the winners! :)

It was a fun challenge!

Thanks again for hosting it PinkNoise and RT! :thumbs_up:

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Congrats to all participants!

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Congrats All! :thumbs_up:

Happy to just be part of it since it got me writing something. Off to see if I can get MAIA O, and a couple other :re:, into the April Budget.

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Thanks a lot :-) I didn't expect that regarding all the high quality and interesting entries.
Thanks again PinkNoise, ReasonTalk, and everyone who participated!

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Post 26 Apr 2020

Oiiiii S/o to everyone!! Special thanks to Pinknoise and Reasontalk ofcourse. Very happy to be amongst the winners! These contests are nice, I really love 80's sounds which maia orange is obviously packed with and then mixing it with a new age sound. Was pretty easy to figure out and tweak, very cool you can run external signals in it too (which I didnt ended up doing in this track but I did play around with it). It has proven to be a one stop shop having listened to all entries hehe!! Also really love this one maia mallet preset. I rented it once because I felt I needed the preset again haha. I havent even tried the newest version so Im excited to try that out too.


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Post 27 Apr 2020

Congrats to the winners and to all, who took the time! I enjoy these contests, they're really challenging.

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Post 27 Apr 2020

Congratulations to all winners and kind word for others.

Thanks for this competition.

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Post 30 Apr 2020

Oh man! Can't believe i missed this!

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Post 05 May 2020

Congrats to the winner, beautiful story behind the winning piece. Stay safe working hero!

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