VK-2 and Expanse CPU inside RRP?

This forum is for discussing the Reason Rack Plugin, the version of the Reason rack that runs as a VST3, AU, AAX in other DAWs.
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Post 22 Mar 2020

I wanna get more usage from VK-2 and Expanse, but they are so CPU heavy.

Has anyone compared how the CPU usage is if running them in RRP inside, say Ableton?
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Post 23 Mar 2020

I think Ableton is about the worst DAW for CPU usage and VSTs etc. I think you'll get more CPU "value" from using those two synths in Reason.

It may be that if you use RRP in a very CPU-light DAW like Reaper, you can use more instances of VK-2 than you can in native Reason. Not sure how likely it is, though - not since the optimization update in Reason.

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