Subkick and SnareBuzz Free from Wavesfactory

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Post 28 Nov 2019

Do not know if it's just for Black friday or not.

link here:

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Post 28 Nov 2019

Drummer for many years.
I remember when snare buzz was a bad thing. Now there's an app?
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Post 28 Nov 2019

SnareBuzz is pretty cool if you want some texture/glue on an otherwise sterile electronic drum kit, for example.
Think of it as a noise machine that follows the audio's envelope with a built-in filter, reverb, attack and release.

Here are both of them on a 808 Kong drum loop - first two bars clean, second half with SK10 and SnareBuzz on gentle settings:
Adds some nice oomph and spice IMHO.

Here with a bit stronger/different settings:

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Post 29 Nov 2019

Pretty sure they're just regularly free VSTs to get people's attention in the brand.

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Post 29 Nov 2019

I tried SnareBuzz. Crashed. Never looked back.
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