(Trance) DMM - Dancer

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Post 10 Nov 2019

Version: Reason 11.0.1d21 Suite

Devices (as listed in Reason's browser): Europa, Grain, Thor, Monotone, NN-XT, Coplex-1, Layers and Combinator (for drums)

And few effects.

No VST's.

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Post 10 Nov 2019

Great work. I really like that bass sound :)

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Post 12 Nov 2019

Its a nice track, with some nice melodic elements. Im not listening on my studio headphones but there seems to be a problem
with every second kick-and-bass combo: you should try sidechain the bass with that kick or nudge the base note 1/16th forward so that
they do not compete with similar frequencies. , and the kick needs to hit a little bit harder in this genre. It will help to layer the kick with a hat/ click sound so that it punches. through the mix a but more.

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Post 12 Nov 2019

Nice work 👍👍👍

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