Reason 11 - Rack Delay Comp Issues, Can Anyone Confirm

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Can I hijack this thread to quickly ask you a question, Matthias? How is the bug fixing with Reason 11 going? I (and a few others) have huge issues with it freezing which makes it unusable a lot of times. I have a few projects coming up next week and was hoping to be able to use Reason.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Yeah just did a little bit of testing - two audio channels with the same sample on them. One instance of the rack on the second channel introduces combing/flanging. The delay increases with each additional instance. Putting the same number of racks on the first channel reverses/cancels out the effect.

Definitely not noticeable if you're just playing a single instrument (although I think having certain elements of your mix delayed by that amount could cause some issues somewhere along the line). For guitar tracking it's a bit more noticeable. I always track at 64 samples, and 128+ starts to feel more noticeable for me. I mean I did get an outboard guitar processor so I could track with 0 latency but...I just really don't like the sound of it right now haha. Buyer's remorse.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Hmmm, testing this further it seems the Effect version of Reason Rack Plugin might not report properly. We'll continue to investigate and work on fixes.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Yes, just tested it. Nudging 64 samples with each device solves the issues. But the effect rack is not reporting latency to live, moreover, for whatever reason, vmg-01 tells me a device has X number of samples of latency, but nudging by that number + the 64 samples of the rack plugin does not result in the desired result. What is going on 😱

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Post 07 Oct 2019

I reported this issue in the beta. Seems like it still wasn't corrected before release. Guess it was an oversight and didn't have enough time to fix.
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Post 07 Oct 2019

They need to get guys like Theo that can break software on their beta testing team.

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Post 07 Oct 2019

miscend wrote:
07 Oct 2019
They need to get guys like Theo that can break software on their beta testing team.
I will say that I do miss Theo!

Theo, if You're reading this... hope all is well in Australia!

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Post 09 Oct 2019

NekujaK wrote:
06 Oct 2019
From what I'm reading around the web, non-Reason users were initially stoked by the Reason 11 / Rack VST announcement, but now due to the lack of latency reporting and a few other blatant oversights, enthusiasm is rapidly waning, and in some cases, turning ugly.

Key complaints are:
- Lack of latency reporting
- Inability to route MIDI out of the Rack VST
- Inability for the Rack VST to host 3rd party VST plugins (can't Combinate)

- Lack of VST3 support in Reason 11
Totally agree, and I feel sorry for the company, its employees, the R11 users for this, and those of us who now feel stuck on R10 cause we get no/little benefit from R11 - toooo many workarounds. I hope they fix the obvious.
I would also add Midi out from the VST place holder (so Cthulhu and similar works).
It is mind boggling this was not considered, its kinda basic. Oh well, fix it and I'll buy R11, simple as that...
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