Can I Use A-List Guitarist This Way?

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Post 06 Oct 2019

Can I use just the samples in A-List Guitarist independent of the preset patterns? I'd like to make my own picking patterns in the sequencer and just use the guitar sounds. Can I do this? If so, how?

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Post 06 Oct 2019

check the manual ... 47bb19.pdf on page 12:

Building Custom Phrases

The CV/Gate input on the rear panel of Electric Guitarist - Power Chords interprets notes differently than the MIDI Input. Notes from C#1 to C#8 don't select phrases and chords, but individual slices of which are laid out across the
note range.

You can use this feature to create your own phrases by triggering "slices" (which are individual strums extracted from the original performance). Try it with a Matrix pattern sequencer!

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