is there an tutorial of playing a bass guitar or guitar or a drum or a variety on instrument within this forums?

Have an urge to learn, or a calling to teach? Want to share some useful Youtube videos? Do it here!
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Post 11 Sep 2019

for my birthday I was going to commit and learn me many instrument so its not fake sound on my musics and now my birthday is come very soon and I’m try to purchased a bass guitar from my friends and a real guitar from my friend’s and a drum from a music place in the metro that I want very much and a synth piano in my village that an elder does not used in many years that is a nice one and I wish to learn me those for my birthday and then my musics can sound like real, so now I only need a tutorial you all people will kindly recommend me

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Post 11 Sep 2019

Search in YouTube and you should have a lot of time for learning...
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