Synth expert here? Deconstructing a synth sound

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Post 19 Jul 2019

i'm looking for help to get an idea how to reconstruct the lead sound and the chord sound below it

at 1:31

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Post 20 Jul 2019

The lead sounds like a pretty standard sawtooth modulated with another sawtooth. Grab two sawtooths in subtractor and turn the fm knob till you get that bitey tone. Amp envelope needs to have zero attack and release time. Set Polyphony to 1. Then it's a matter of finding what he's doing musically. Once you've found that you can tweak the sound further.

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Post 20 Jul 2019

I can't get that sound exactly, it's not really my genre but there is portamento in there and a harmonic overtone maybe? probably a 5th. I would set polyphony to 1 so you notes dont overlap each other. The bass line underneath is sidechained to make it pump. Europa ought be ace at this kind of thing. And if you can find a cache of edm patches then you might find some pointers.

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Post 20 Jul 2019

Sounds a bit like a accustic guitar or a viola on a low note, maybe both and there is some amp on top. I can also hear the slower attack which creates that bending pitch at the start of the sound, which reminds a bit like it s played reverse.

If i would try to recreate it, i would stat with a good looped low pitch viola sample or something already having the pitch bending sound from the bow at the attack phase and a simple distortion.
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