Bitwig 3 - The Grid

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Post 10 Jul 2019

This looks interesting:

who's toying with this already?

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Post 10 Jul 2019

Modular is not my thing but Bitwig have absolutely nailed it with that release!
That's going to open another whole segment of the DAW/Synth market to them I reckon.
Interesting times.

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Post 10 Jul 2019

I'm not everyone so I can't speak in others behalf, but for me? Not even remotely interested.

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Post 10 Jul 2019

Bitwig 3 with the modular grid is quite brilliant. If creating your own devices and complex modulations floats your boat then you'll love it. Plus the Bitwig workflow which for me is super easy and streamlined so yeah, very nice package IMO.
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Post 12 Jul 2019

The Grid shows a modern way for creating modular systems.
Cables are as short as can be and are wired automatically.
Modules can easily be replaced without the need of reconnecting cables.
Some modules grow and shrink as needed.
Everything is polyphonic by default and ready for MPE.

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Post 20 Jul 2019

I've entered the Grid via demo and like it so far, also Bitwig itself is nice, recognized my Keylab Contrller instantly, plays 32-bit plucks and is resizeable!
Some presets from the grids are crackling a little bit on my PC.

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Post 20 Jul 2019

Looks good. Like Audulus 3, Pure Data etc. But with DAW integration and workflow enhancements. Endless possibilities. There comes a point though, I find, where some limitations and boundaries increase productivity.

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Post 22 Jul 2019

just bought this toy on sale

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