I Can Be The One - Drum & Bass

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Majestik Monkey
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Post 20 Jan 2015

Nice groove G ' i like the unison/layered riffs makes it sound nice & fat . . . . ps its all sounds good on my system  :s0221:

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Post 23 Jan 2015

The mix is super clean G. considering that you mixed in those little boxes. It does sound good, you could have fooled me. :)

Guts Electronic Mayhem


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Post 23 Jan 2015

George it sounds great bravo !
It does not die , it multiplies !

 7.101 and I will upgrade maybe this summer .

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Scoobyman II
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Post 24 Jan 2015

I like how you very the wobble tempo toward mid 2.00. I'm playing it from a couple speakers about the same size. Sounds good.

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Post 24 Jan 2015

good to hear your happy d&b sounds again, it has been a while, no ?
keep & comming, & hopefully more short tutorials from you, i loved them on YouTube !
Cheers man !

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