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Post 11 Jan 2019

I have to say, this place has been super friendly to me in the past couple of days. New user with new questions I know cab be pretty annoying. But you folk have stepped in and I do appreciate the help getting me started on the right foot. Hope to be back with more Reason-centric questions soon.


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Post 11 Jan 2019

I hope you will be back soon with answers for questions of other users :-P
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Post 11 Jan 2019

Whoa, two threads this week about Forum Appreciation and power-hugs. 2019 is looking very friendly indeed.

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Post 11 Jan 2019

kinkujin wrote:
11 Jan 2019
New user with new questions I know cab be pretty annoying.
Old users with old questions are even worse ;)

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Post 12 Jan 2019

I'm new here, but I also enjoy eating food and long farmer walks on the beach.
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