Help with Icon Qcon Pro X + 2 Extenders

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Hi All.

Newbie here.. well sort of.

I have been using Reason for years but only just stumbled across this forum. I fell in love with this amazing product about 10 years ago and have stumbled my way through the various updates which I have always purchased along with my fair share of fun trying to convince myself that Prop's Record was a decent product. I eventually found Focusrite and the rest is history.

My home studio has had a big makeover and I really wanted to incorporate some kind of control surface for the Reason Mixer and basic plugins such as EQ/Pan/Compression to give me a more hands on feel when mixing etc.

I came across what looks a fantastic product(s) in the new Icon Qcon Pro X and XS (expander). I have purchased the Pro X control unit and two seperate XS expanders.

Icon promote this product as really easy to setup and as having specific knowledge of Reason and suitable compatibility. I am starting to hear that this is not the case, with many people saying they cannot get their master bridge meter lights to work. Crazy!

I have the three units connected together on my desk and they look totally awesome. If only they would function how I would like.

My problem is that I can get these three devices setup, but they will only work independently. For example, I can set the main Pro X controller to follow the Mastering Section which works fine, having to use the bank select to flip between the various tracks if you have more then 8. I can then setup the other two XS extenders to follow other parts of reason, for example, a compressor and the other a reverb unit.

What I really wanted was for my three Icon Units to form one large 24 track desk controlling the Reason Mixer. Surely this is how the unit(s) are intended to operate.

I have tried various configurations but can only achieve three completely independent units, or if I use the 'Follow main keyboard' then I get all three doing the same thing!

I have also tried plugging usb ports from the Icon units direct into the Imac rather than putting the two extenders into the back of the Icon Pro X (main controller).

Any help with this would be a much appreciated. I have just spent around £2k on this equipment which looked so promised. I have had one person tell me that I will never get it to work properly with Reason and that I should consider switching to Logic Pro. This is something I really do not want to do as I know most of Reason so well and love it!

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



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I just got a Icon Qcon (older model), default most options work but not really user-friendly. I'm creating a new Reason Icon driver for that device but running into some lua coding issues. If it's near a beta version you could try it on your device

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