Quick CVPT tip for multi-out gate/cv devices

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I was trying to work out how to mute/solo multiple channels of cv/gate being generated from REs such as Korde and PSQ-1864. Had some helpful answers in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7507567

I've just realised that if you pass the cv/gate pairs through multiple CV Player Tap (CVPT) players (free, by the way) then you can simply turn CVPTs on and off to mute the signals and this can also be automated. So if, like me, you want to drive a bunch of devices with a single Korde so you can experiment with chord changes and rhythm independently whilst driving multiple bass/lead/whatever lines then you can just enable/disable each CVPT so you can bring your different devices in and out of the song.


Korde channel 1-3 -> CVPT -> synth 1
Korde channel 4 -> CVPT -> synth 2
Korde channel 5 -> CVPT -> synth 3

At this point you have a single chord progression (perhaps created using chords and scales) which can create a chord line on one synth and 2 mono lines on 2 other synths, and you can mute each CVPT device so you can bring in and out each synth in your track. You don't actually need to "print" any note data into the sequencer (if you don't want to) because you can just automate the on/off of the CVPT devices as well as the patterns your Korde device(s) and you have the equivalent of patterns/clip changes in a timeline.

For me this is pretty close to the "chord track" functionality available in some other DAWs, and I find it inspiring to be able to experiment in a way where the rhythm and note placement is totally independent of the notes/chords being used. You can change the chord progression as much or as little as you like and every device (or an entire song, if you chain every device from a single note source) will follow with it.

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