(DOWNLOAD LINK) - Reason Demo + Startup Songs (Versions 2.5 to 4.0)

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Hello everyone! first post here

I use Reason since 2.5 and at the time I was fascinated with it's demo songs. They helped me a lot to understand Reason.

Today I wanted to give them a listen on the DAW itself, so I googled a lot for a link with the .rps files, but had no success.


I found all the Reason Demo Songs from 2.5 to 4.0, plus their default startup songs in my external hard drive. It seems I had found a link to download them all at once in the past and luckly they were still there <3 (I would love to thank the guy who did this before)

So in order to deliver some nostalgy to those who used these old versions, I've put them up here!

I still remember when the DSP meter was almost FULL when I played Pluto by TGM on my old 400 mHz PC. Now it would only take up to 7% of my CPU... I'm still amazed on how DSP processing evolved from that time.

Here's the full list with the songs included:


Yoga-You And I

2.0 - 2.5

A Nu Direction by YMC
Industrial Insect
Ok - Blue Then
One More Reason
tgm (the green man) -pluto
The Adjuster
What more Reason
Why Red


Andreas Tilliander-Marychain
Bonamici-La Famiglia
Brasko-One Reason
DJ Babu-Dilated Junky 1
Dj Hyper-RawHide
Dj Mattrick-48 Hours From Tulsa
Frykberg & Jansson-Blow
G.W. Childs-Tell Me
Griffin (Chris)-Redemptive History
James Bernard-Holdin It Down
L. Carlson-Hi-Fi Cops
Ming&FS-Don't Feed The Monkey
NeoVerse-I Dig Guitars
Orkester Demo
Phobos-Spirit Zen
Simon 'Subs' Duggal-Mystical
Symbiont-Swedish Nightlife
T. Karlsson-Organ Donator


AP=X - Xplore Your Mind
Bjarne O. - Fighting Evil
DJ Babu - Dilated Junky 2
eXode - Radiant Emission
Flip Matrix - Flip'd Out
Gosub - Sordon's Theme
J Chris Griffin - Chords All Night
James Bernard - Age of Technology
Jeremy Ellis - ThorFunk
Josh Mobley And Woody Ranere - Narrow Escape
Karlofs - The Darker Side of Happiness
Kevin Hastings - Stay By The Phone
Orkester Demo
Rob Hubbard - Commando
Turbotito - Sydney Heat

Startup Songs

Reason 1.0 Default Song
Reason 2.0 Default Song
Reason 2.5 Default Song
Reason 3.0 Default Song
Reason 4.0 Default Song


Tell me which are your favorite ones! Mine were almost all from 2.0 - 2.5

Have a good trip!

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Ive got them all saved in my “Reason Songs” folder on one of the external drives as well! I actually miss the Reason Published format, as you could share complete Reason files in confidence that they at least wouldn’t be blatantly taken as your own.
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You may want to read this. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7494979

Basically we were going to put all the old demo songs in an archive but due to legal (permission) reasons it did not happen.

"2) Are we able to actually give that permission or are we even the right people to be asking? No.

That second question is where the confusion is lying with some people in this thread, so let me be clear in this:

This music is not ours to give permission about. We simply licensed this music from artists over the years, who granted us permission to include it with the version of Reason we were shipping at the time. It's a license agreement... and agreements have terms... and you can't decide on new terms down the road simply because Noel is a nice guy and he has the best of intentions for the community. That wouldn't be fair to the musicians who gave us very specific and limited permissions to use their intellectual property. It's still theirs."

So by posting a link you are breaking copy-write law.


T&T's viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7503909
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Post 19 Jun 2018

concatenate wrote:
18 Jun 2018
2.0 - 2.5

A Nu Direction by YMC
Used to love that song :puf_smile:

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Post 19 Jun 2018

Thanks for posting this! I'm listening to the 1.0 demos and they are truly awesome! It's kinda sad these aren't still included because they really make great use of the basic tools of Reason. They also prove that good production and mixing skills are way more important than any upgrade could ever be.

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LarsK wrote:
19 Jun 2018
concatenate wrote:
18 Jun 2018
2.0 - 2.5

A Nu Direction by YMC
Used to love that song :puf_smile:
Same!! And OP I could kiss you I've been going nuts looking for that exact file. I went in hard and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks!!

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LarsK wrote:
19 Jun 2018
concatenate wrote:
18 Jun 2018
2.0 - 2.5

A Nu Direction by YMC
Used to love that song :puf_smile:
I went full crazy looking for those REX Loops inside the Factory Sound Bank. God that sounded chill!

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Wow thank you!

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Fantastic, love you man!

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