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Post 13 Aug 2017

For two days still, Hornet plugins are really really cheap.


and I like philosophy of its creator, and there are some really good stuff for the price of iPad like stuff.

So why not?

Worth a try IMO

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Post 13 Aug 2017

Anybody have any thoughts/opinions on the HoRNet Tape?

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Post 13 Aug 2017

I can't really help as I didn't try it (mainly because I like J37 Tape from Waves), but as far as I can judge Hornet's plugins which involves saturation, they are doing a nice job, so I wouldn't be surprised if the result is interesting.

To my point of view, the best is to demo it and also demo other ones you could be interested in, having these points in mind:
- a typical tape machine saturates
- make some hiss
- present wow and flutter

For the last point, I didn't see any clear mention of it recreated in this particular plugin, and I think this is one of these things we can 'feel' while listening, rather than really hear it (like when an old record played give this movement feel, as well as an old tape machine I had gave me this 'feeling' )

Someone could correct me here if I'm wrong, but one way to test it would be to record a sine wave at 600Hz for exemple on a Reason track not affected by the plugin, and sum it (in mono) with one where plugin is active on the track. Then, we should ear a 'beat' , a kind of phasing effect when summing. This could be a way to see if the phenomenon is existing.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not completely obsessed by unnecessary 'dirtying tracks' in a mix, but what I appreciate in the J74 Tape sim of Waves is this fact is present (while never tried this method to verify it) and also the fact some differences in treatment between emulated tracks when used in stereo creates a slight widening of the stereo field (noticeable on headphones, at least) meaning they simulated the different behaviour that naturally arise in a true recorder 'made-from-electronic-components-naturally-differents-between-each-others', natural dissimetries found in real gear.

So I would try these aspects when giving a go to another vintage tape simulator, aside from the obvious fact of saturation.

Now, it's all a question of feeling 'do I like it? or not?' in my opinion, while listening...

And I woudn't pretend I can resists 100% clearly to a blind test of these very subtle features that can be implemented in such plugins, anyway...

But that's just some ideas for tests, aside hearing tests...

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Post 20 Aug 2019

Hornet are having another 60% off sale.
I'm guessing this won't work in reason? No demo...

https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/h ... generator/

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Post 20 Aug 2019

I have a few Hornet plugins so here are my thoughts - I am not the technical type so my "reviews" are based on how it feels and sounds to me. What I like about them is that they seem to be all about the 80s, and that is right up my alley.

Hornet Tape is good, but somewhat subtle. Low CPU so you can add it to every track. You can really hear how it works on drums. I get a more immediate and fatter sound out of airwindows' ToTape though. Sill use Hornet Tape for that subtle color.

Hornet Analog Stage is good, and I would use it more but I am so used to Waves NLS. My ears are not that golden to tell a difference, although the SSL modeling in NLS is fantastic for my kind of music and I can't get that type of punchier sound out of Analog Stage. I say if you don't have any console emulations, Analog Stage would be good to get considering the price and quality.

My most favorite Hornet plugin is their SW34EQ which sounds (i hate to say this) "warm" and is full of character. The GUI is a little fiddly but the sound is worth it. I'm a Waves SSL guy all the way, but this is my second fav EQ and I use it often when I need a beefier, warmer sound.

What's really fun is using all these in a chain. Eq>Analog Stage>Tape = a juicy sound. Keep the noise and saturation on.
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Post 21 Aug 2019

jayhosking wrote:
13 Aug 2017
Anybody have any thoughts/opinions on the HoRNet Tape?
Most tape plugins are more FX than an actual tape machine, with crazy wobbly setting etc. Hornet is more designed to be like what a tape machines actually were. You need to use it as an insert on your channels (several, 24-ch mode) and then one on the master (the 2-track mode). Drive it gently like a real tape machine, i.e. +3dB or something and you'll start to hear it work, and glue things together. For it's price it is great, but don't expect it to be a multi-distortion unit or a wobbly lo-fi plugin or something - it is tape, that's it.
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