T-RackS Group Buy - Buy 1 Get 2-3-4 FREE - Worth it?

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Post 01 Jun 2017

T-RackS Group Buy - Buy 1 Get 2-3-4 FREE - Worth it?

I received an email about this Group Buy from IKmultimedia:



I don't know much over this product because of high price, anyhow buy 1 to get 4 could be interesting.

Any suggestions?

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Post 01 Jun 2017

I have TRacks deluxe, plus one other module. these are good plugins, and if you have one of the suites makes a decent seperate mastering solution as well (although Ozone has taken over this for me) probably the best value on this deal is for people who have a lot of them already, and just need a few to complete, or folks who only want a few of the plugs (good fairchild, 1176 and LA2A emulations available in there). this is a good deal, but IK is always running sales of one sort or another, and if you are interested in more than just a few, I would wait until one of the packages goes on sale.

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U got T-Racks Grand CS on a deal for like $139 at Audio Deluxe (normally $299). It was 16 devices but by no means all of them through the Custom Shop. There are some good ones in there that I still would not mind having particularly the Mic Model plugin. Overall the quality is good. There are better mastering software out there (ie Ozone etc) but as a suite T-Racks has been good value for the money and I have had no complaints. It looks as though they extended the group buy so another 30 days. For sure it will be get four for the price of one near the end if not five. I think that too will be a good deal. It should be noted though that it is "X" number of plugins of equal or lesser value so you can't buy the Mic Model at $70 and expect to get Lurssen. I'm going to wait until the 11th hour to buy.
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Post 01 Jun 2017

I use T-Racks stuff and like it. The British and White channel strips are nice. I was not real impressed with ""Mic Room" for my needs, but others may use it lots. Using the EQ73 and 81 in the channel works well too. I'd say you can't go wrong with this group buy, esp. if/when it becomes 4 for 1 (and that could easily happen). :thumbs_up:

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Post 02 Jun 2017

Thank you all for your posts.
I downloaded and installed the free EQ and it's recognized by Reason.
In the user area I discovered to have also some discounting points because last year I bought a couple of iPad apps.
I'll wait some days to be sure to get the 'buy 1 get 4'.

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Post 05 Jun 2017

Years ago I loaded up on IK Multimedia plugins for a steal, thanks to their "Buy 1 get X for free" deals, which are a real bargain. Now that I'm using VSTs regularly again - thank you Reason 9.5 - I'm back on the IK Multimedia train. The Black 76 and CSR reverb units are part of my go-to arsenal, and I'm overjoyed to be using Amplitube again. But I never cared much for SampleTank.

The new Mic plugin, Saturator X, and multi-band compressor are of interest, so the current promotion is the perfect way to add these to my rack! :puf_smile:
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Post 12 Jun 2017

The special is now 4 Devices for the price of one guys! :shock:
Great deal here to add HQ IK devices to your Rack! Go check them out. Get them while it still last guys :thumbs_up:

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