Splice is good for Serum etc

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Post 29 May 2017

Just signed up for Splice so have now got Serum on a monthly payment plan - works really well!

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Post 29 May 2017

props should have this too :)

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Post 29 May 2017

Everybody should do this. This is probably the only way I'll get serum which I'm almost at the $100 mark. It's great everybody gets theirs and cuts down on piracy.

Also the splice sound service is great too. It's like audible except for samples and presets. I started it up earlier this month. You get credits which you can use for samples or presets. I'm wanting a synthwave preset pack for serum. I've already got half the pack, next month I'll get the other half of the pack with credits to finish off the preset pack. Not sure how much samples are, but presets seem to be 3credits per preset.

But yeah, I really wish u-he and NI would do a payment plan option at least.

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Post 29 May 2017

craste wrote:Just signed up for Splice so have now got Serum on a monthly payment plan - works really well!
They must have added support for Reason recently. I tried it during the beta and couldn't get Splice to find Reason.
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