[Breaks] No REs needed

Have some .reason song files you want to share? Make sure to self-contain, specify Reason version and RE's used!
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Post 29 Dec 2015

Hello everyone, I uploaded another tune to my Propellerheads site.
This is a many years old breakbeat tune which seems quiet finished and like the title says, there's no need for REs.
Maybe someone could add some vocal to this in a breakbeat style?

Comments are always welcome.


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Post 19 Jun 2016

Sorry to bring up this older thread, but where is the actual Reason project file? Since this is the forum to share files. Also the thread title suggest that you were aware of this by saying "No REs needed".

Please add it or I will move this thread to the general Reason Music forum. :)

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Post 22 Aug 2016

Fair point tibah but good track.

You state that some vocals might good. How about a Darth Vader sample seeing as it's called The Lord of Darkness?

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Post 27 Aug 2016

Sorry, I misunderstood the whole Allihoopa thing and I found out how it REALLY works few months ago.
And you can move this thread to a general music forum, as I don't want to upload this tune as a project file afterall: Reason = there's lots of combinators that are made by Nucleus Soundlab so it would be wrong if I'd let people getting them for free. I own Filter Research 1 and 2 and there's some really neat combi effects in them - cheers!

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