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Post 18 Jan 2015

Julibee wrote:Just jumped on OS X Safari to check... No html button. I must have been thinking of the [] button, which wraps code tags around selected text.  

I have Zero formatting options on iOS, which is what I was using at the time I made that post, so was working from my poor memory of what I thought I had seen in OS X.  I made a bad assumption. 

Sorry guys.  I'm just muck-crawling with the rest of y'all. ;)
Sympleman wrote:
Sympleman wrote:THIS
Sympleman wrote: on iOS Safari to view desktop version. iOS 8 new feature.

I've also created a forum exactly like this and found no setting to enable HTML buttons for registered users.  Searched their site and it said to contact customer support and they are closed today.

Lunesis, did you find anything?  If not it will have to wait until tomorrow.
THAT RAWKS. Thank you!! It's the little things... :)
I'm still doing it wrong.
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Post 19 Jan 2015

Julibee wrote:THAT RAWKS. Thank you!! It's the little things... :)
Enjoy!  So True! ;)

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Post 21 Jan 2015

Quote from Website Toolbox Support for those who are not keeping up with the To Do List

Normal users are prevented from embedding content into posts due to security reasons. A malicious user could embed a non-visible embedded item into a post that could do various malicious things that could highly compromise the security of the forum and the computers of all users using it. It could also result in Google blacklisting the forum. One of our client's forums has been blacklisted from Google in the past due to this very reason. It is absolutely not recommended to allow normal users to embed unknown items into pages. It is recommended that they create a normal link instead. 

Lunesis, how about adding bandcamp autoembed to the To Do List? They offer SoundCloud and YouTube so they may be willing to add it. It is a good addition to their platform and they will eventually get a request to add it.


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Post 21 Jan 2015

I will put in a suggestion to them. In the mean time feel free to just put a link.. you can open an extra window and if you change pages it won't cut the music off.

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