[electronic] Last words on a lonely Field (10 track album)

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Post 17 Sep 2023

Hi all,
attached you will find a link to my album. Basically it's a compilation of my tracks over the last 1-2 years (?) - at least roughly. I know that hardly anyone probably has the time to listen to the whole thing. That's why I recommend 3 to choose from:

- cornpops (aphex twinish)
- they rise, they fall (classical somehow)
- last words on a lonely field (prepared piano-piece somehow)

If anyone should actually take half an hour and listen to everything - thanks in advance (really crazy people can even buy it :P ).

I did the mixing and mastering myself (in Reason of course :). I think it turned out quite well (for an amateur) - of course you have to make compromises compared to radio pop songs. But hey, to be honest: I couldn't do it better...
Most of the synths are the Propellerheads stuff, plus some Rack Extensions (synths by JPS and Synapse).

I wish everyone a good week and look forward to any feedback, no matter what track.

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Post 24 Sep 2023

Hi i added some free codes... for the case someone is interested; they are free for all:


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Post 24 Sep 2023

I've only skimmed through the tracks. I'm not really in the mindset of engaging myself in a full album experience right now. But I can see myself listening through it all at another time soon. But just going through parts here and there quickly, there were definitely bits I liked.
I'll try to get back here again and hopefully make a better comment. :puf_smile:

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