[melodic vocal acid techno] Rising Night Wave - Better Wake Up! [finished]

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Rising Night Wave
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Post 14 Sep 2023


my new baby :lol:
i am gonna breake people's necks :cool: - they better wake up!

quite funny song: a mixture of brutal underground low pitched bass synth techno with commercial vocal acidiness :geek:

okey. everything is same according to mixing and mastering.
quite bass heavy song.

but there is a new approach to mastering:
i putted two combinators out from the Reason DAW's stock folder mastering into insert fx send section.
all lanes has same ammount of SEND level for those two mastering combinators as well as for other four default res. and i manipulated the desired level of appliance under FX RETURN section.
okey, i complicatively wrote that... so here is the screenshot:



if anyone will be willing to comment, please be gentle. but be straight. don't worry. i am not gonna resent.
i know my weaknes - i am lazy and not willing to properly eq each lane. so results are more or less every time same - too bass heavy song.

okey. happy listening and you can join me at breaking people's necks.. :lol: ... becasue they are all under the influences of toxic substances as perverted winegar°° :twisted: hahaha, my my...

°° khm, vinegar that is
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