Matt van k - Roads (90s trance)

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Post 14 Mar 2023

A little older one, a remake from the my own past when i was young. In the same ,,style´´

Complete made in Reason. Worth mentioning Synapse Audio Dune 2.5 for the bass, That smooth supersawpad-lead comes from the Epica Kontakt Soundlibary.The Drums in the end from NI Drumscontest(from Maschine!) and......NI Razor for Vocoding!

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Post 14 Mar 2023

First thought mehTrance hopefully not like Talla2XLC stuff, but sounds good a bit crunsh on the bus cool, well mixed, sound in a line with some dreamdance releases from 98. (Last time we joined of missunderstoods a trance party in our village it was a horriblel moment, with this T.....) the toms´s after 4:30 are sounds like a real drumset, echt gut!

ahhhh :P dann liebe Grüße nach D aus F
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