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Post 12 Mar 2023

Here is crate digger.

I was looking for a old song i had not finished from a year ago and as I am terrible at naming things (just using key, bpm and generic title eg. techno) i stumbled across this track. It had about 3minutes of content i liked but the mixing was so bad.

Basically i got distracted and finished this instead of the track i intended to work on.

Re's: Europa, legend
Vsts: Pigments and Serum
Rack fx: echo, deep reverb and synchronous
Vst fx: valhalla verb, portal

Style wise it has a bit if techno, trance, house influences. hope some like and it is a free download if so.

Posts: 1672
Joined: 04 Jul 2018

Post 12 Mar 2023

visheshl wrote: ↑
12 Mar 2023
Niiiiice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ beautiful trank man, absolutely amazing
Thanks Visheshl :)

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