[bigbeat/breakbeat] The Prodigy - Break & Enter (Ed Curry Remix)

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Post 15 Sep 2022

I managed to pull together enough samples to remix the opening track to The Prodigy's second (and greatest IMHO) album, Break and Enter.

Semi-inspired by an alternate version that they used to play live circa-1995, but with a fast and banging beat. Enjoy...

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Post 16 Sep 2022

I liked it a lot!
I listened to it over iphone speakers at work, not the best circumstances, but even then; it sounded good.
I like that stabby kind of style. Push and pull kinda thing.
I check on hp once i’m home.
Keep it up!
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Post 16 Sep 2022

the ideas are definitely great (dare i say, better than anything pendulum ever came up with). the track has an acid technoid twist that varies and adds to the initial spirit without conflicting with it and the structure stays interesting all the time.

but i still find a few weaknesses that prevent it from shining as it could. the elements you introduced all sound a bit light compared to the source material. i believe the prodigy have often used a lot of frequencies <40Hz that add a certain heavyness to their sound. also the otherwise fantastic 303 seems to have minimal tuning issues, but maybe they can be resolved by rising the HP frequency of its reverb above the fundamental pitch of the sampled content, mainly voice and guitar.
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Post 17 Sep 2022

Nice to see some more Prodigy heads out there. Yes Jilted is probably my favorite too. It just has that darker rawer tone to it that none of their other albums have.
I think you managed to do a very good blend between keeping the important elements from the original track and adding your own thing. :thumbup:
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