Drum! Edle Sache (EDM)

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Post 17 Jun 2022


Is it a German text?

Sorry but I can't understand ! :puf_bigsmile:
What does it say?
Is it your voice ?

I like the music, it's well done and I like this typical depth of Eastern music which you have the secret. :thumbup:
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Post 18 Jun 2022

This is very impressive. loads of tension building and building the whole way through. Bringing in the acid line near the end sounds excellent.

I have no critical comments at all on this track other than i would have loved to hear more as it always progressed. I did not want the journey to end at 3min 40.

I would love to know the words to truly understand the song but even without knowing what is said the tone adds to the suspense.

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Post 18 Jun 2022

Hey again, during sitting in the garden i try to explain this a little bit more:)

therefore noble thing (drum= therefore described not exactly. ,,drum´´ is more punchy in it emotion.
tear yourself away from the delusion (tear as a powerful liberation)
and keep the divine faith (God in this context is more physical and causal because of the moral aspects
which are causal and measurable as well)
what the eyes cannot see
What the ear did not hear
It is nonetheless
The beautiful, the true
It's not outside
The fool is looking for it (Tor is an old word for fool, i think it is a more detailed description of it
a group, an idea, a movement)

It is in you
you will bring it for eternally

* Tthe poem is from Friedrich Schiller ,,the 3 words of madness, the last verse)
*Itis hard to translate the exactement translation, maybee better use the oxford dictionary if you want.
*The book which the strong fist protects is Immanuell Kant,,Critique of Pure Reason´´ ,
a metaphysical, philosophical work.

I only found that translation which not allways exactly brings the mood in my opionion but it rhymes

Then, noble spirit, from folly break free, (folly is well choosen!)
This heav'nly faith holding and handing:
What the ear never heard, what no eye can see,
Is the lovely, the true, notwithstanding;
Outside, the fool seeks for it evermore;
The wise man finds it with closed door! (in german no third person is mean it is YOU! and i mean big written you)

Like allways, advanced language with higher level are hard or even not to translate. (
the Koran for exsample is such a work which allows a huge amount of interpretation)

What should i say yet. Oh! a little changed sentence, spoken from J.W. Goethe.
Who never discovered other languages, will never understand the own.

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